Price Lists Video: Add Finished Edges

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Hello, let's take a minute to Add Finished Edges to a Price List.

Even though CounterGo has many of the most common Edges, preloaded, different Edges can be added or deleted.

 From the left, click on Price Lists, then click on the name of the Price List to modify.

Click the Edit Price List button to make changes.

Select Finished Edges from the left, then click Add Finished Edge.

 Multiple Edges can be added, one name per line.

The new Edge will be added to the list of existing Edges alphabetically. Locate it, then click on No Image to edit the thumbnail.

If the Edge is laminated, select double or triple first, or leave as none for non laminated Edges.

Next, click on No Image to access the thumbnail library, select an Edge image, then Apply and enter a price.

To delete a Finished Edge, click the Delete icon for that Edge.

Save your Price List and you're all done.

If you have questions, the CounterGo Knowledge Base has more helpful articles and videos. Or email one of our friendly CounterGo experts at

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