Price Lists: Add Price Groups


  • Add Price Groups
  • Enter Prices
  • Assign Colors to Price Groups

Hi, this is Amanda from Moraware!

Let’s take a minute to add Price Groups to your Price List.

Organizing Colors into Price Groups in CounterGo will speed up adding prices now, quoting, and updating prices later.

Click on Price Lists and then click the name of the Price List to modify.

Click the Edit icon to make changes to it.

In the Material section, click on the Add Price Groups icon. Enter or paste in the names of the groups, one per line.

Now that you have the Price Groups entered, let’s add a square foot price for each Group. If you charge by the slab, you still need to enter a square foot price. CounterGo will calculate the cost of the entire slab based on the slab size and the square foot price entered. If you need help calculating that, see the related article below the video for our Slab to Square Foot Calculator.

Time to assign colors to the Groups. Click on Assign Colors and check any Color to include.

I’ll expand my Material Colors and I see those Colors are assigned to Level 1. I can quickly add a Color to any Price Group by clicking in the price box and selecting a Group from the drop-down list.

Save your Price list and you’re all done.

If you have questions, we’ve got lots of helpful articles and videos, or call or email our friendly CounterGo specialists.

Thanks for stopping by!