Add Payment Terms To Quote & Order Forms

Did you set  Default Payment Terms and want to include them in existing CounterGo Forms? There are several Forms built in to CounterGo so you can start Quoting right away. Towards the bottom of those Forms is a text Field labeled "Terms" with some general terms of service that can be manually updated.

Replace the static text Field "Terms" with the Terms Field, to allow for Default Payment Terms to be pulled into Form when they are used.

If your Default Terms are not showing, check to be sure you have filled in the Optional Terms Field in the Default Payment Terms. For more information on setting up and using Payment Terms, see Related Articles below.

  1. Go to Settings > Quote & Order > Forms.
  2. Click on the name of the Form to edit.
  3. Click anywhere inside the static Terms Field with text then delete.delete the static text Terms field
  4. Click the Add Field icon and choose Quote/Order Info as the Data Type.
  5. Select Terms from the drop-down list then Save.
    add payment terms to a quote or order form
  6. Move the Field in the Form by clicking, holding and dragging to the desired location.