Use QuickBooks Desktop On A Remote Server

Are you having trouble in Step 3 of the QuickBooks Export Setup when using QuickBooks Desktop for PC? If you get an error that the application has not accessed QuickBooks before, that QuickBooks needs to be installed on that machine, or any other similar messages, you may be accessing QuickBooks hosted on a server or in a virtual workspace. Or in other words, you are using QuickBooks Desktop but it is not installed on the same computer you use when you log into CounterGo.

There are three general pieces needed for information to get from CounterGo to QuickBooks Desktop during the initial flow for setup of quickbooks integration in CounterGo

  • A file with all the specifications, or what we call the CounterGo Export, is generated in CounterGo. This is what you download in Step 3 of the QuickBooks Export Setup.
  • Next the QuickBooks Web Connector must be run, it's the bridge between CounterGo and QuickBooks.
  • Last, the CounterGo specifications arrive in QuickBooks thanks to the Web Connector.

The CounterGo Data File must be located on the same machine as QuickBooks for the setup to successfully complete. If you are using QuickBooks that is hosted on a server or on a remote desktop, the CounterGo Data File must be either downloaded on, or copied to, that server/remote desktop.


  • Log into CounterGo in a browser on the remote desktop and complete the steps of the QuickBooks Export Setup. You can then log into CounterGo on the computer you normally use.

  • Manually copy the CounterGo Export File from your computer to the remote desktop.

If you're not sure or having trouble with the setup, email, we're happy to look at your situation and walk through the process with you.