Price Lists: Fabrication & Installation


  • Turn Installation charge on/off
  • Turn Fabrication charge on/off

Hi, this is Amelia. Welcome to CounterGo's Help Videos. 

Let's take a look at how to turn Fabrication and Installation charges on or off. Many fabricators roll both charges into just fabrication. That's why Installation is disabled by default.

Let's turn the Installation charge on. Go to Price Lists, then click on the name of the Price List to edit. Click on the edit icon across from revisions to go into Edit mode. Scroll down to Installation, notice it's greyed out. Click the edit icon, then check "Enabled". Now you can enter your installation charge.

If you roll your Fabrication charge into your Material pricing, disable "Fabrication Charge" to remove it as a line item. Save your Price List and you're all done.

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