Add Or Edit A Sink Model With Cutout

If you sell sinks, you can add the sink price and the cutout measurements at the same time when drawing your Quote. CounterGo will add a line item for both the sink and the cutout.

When adding a Sink Model with a Cutout in Step 4, you will enter the price for the sink only, then in Step 6, you can enter the cost of the Sink Cutout.

Add Sink Models to your Price List to speed things up.

  1. Click the countertop and select Add Sink Model
  2. Enter the Name and Price of the sink only.
  3. Select Sink TypeShapeCutout DimensionsFaucet Hole Count, and Centerline position of the cutout. 
  4. Click and hold on the sink to adjust its position, or click the centerline measure to enter the distance from left or right.
  5. To edit the price or dimensions, click on the sink drawing and select Properties.