Price Lists Video: Add Other Items


Hi, ready to add Other Items to a Price List? CounterGo Price Lists allow you to add items that are not already built into the Price List.

From the left side navigation, click on Price Lists, then on the name of the Price List to modify.

Click the edit Price List button to make changes.

Click on Other Items then Add Other Item.

There are two types of Other items you can choose from. An Item of list of items with single fixed prices, like faucets.

The second type is a Unit Priced item, something that has a range of fees, like tear-outs.

Let’s add one of each type, starting with a Single Price item. Name the Other Item then look at the available options to add.

Hide On Quote

will include a grey line item for you to see in Step 6, but will not show when printing or emailing your Quote or Order.

Always Include this item on Quote

will automatically add this line item to every Quote so you don’t forget to add it later

Allow Discount

Will allow this item to be discounted if a Discount is applied to the Quote

Editable Price On Quote

means that the price can be manually changed in Step 6.

After the item is created, add nested items using the Add Option, then enter prices. Apply a Tax Code applied if necessary.

Time to add a unit priced other item. Enter a name, then enter what unit of measure the total price is to be calculated with. I’m adding a tearout fee based on the square footage that must be removed.

Unit priced other items have similar additional options, except for including the item on every Quote.

Once the item is added, click Add Size to add ranges and prices.

I have three rates for tear outs, so I’ll add those.

The forst price box “each” refers to a base fee that applies to any number of units. I have a 150 dollar minimum for tearouts, so I’ll enter that for all three. If you don’t need a base fee, enter zero.

The second box is the price per unit, in this case, square feet. I charge 40 dollars per square foot for small areas, 30 for tearouts up to 40 square feet, and 15 for anything over 40 square feet.

Time to save the Price List and add these new charges to a Quote.

Go to Step 6 of a Quote or Order. Click the Add icon next to any area and select from the drop-down list. I’ll add the faucet, choose a model, and leave it in the area I named “kitchen”.

Click the Add icon again to add the tear out charge.

Enter the total square footage of the tearout and select the area to be “none”. By selecting “none” the item is placed in a separate area.

If you have questions, the CounterGo knowledge base has lots of helpful articles and videos.

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