Video: QuickBooks Integration


  • What is CounterGo's QuickBooks Integration?
  • Export Orders, not Quotes, to send Addresses, Line Items and Payments to QuickBooks.
  • Include or exclude CounterGo Payments.
  • Map CounterGo Price List items, Tax information to QuickBooks.
  • One way communication from CounterGo to QuickBooks.
  • Quick Books Online Simple Start, Freelancer/Self Employed and QuickBooks Desktop for Mac are not supported.
  • If you are not a CounterGo user yet, visit to schedule a demo.


Hi, This is Evan from Moraware. Let’s talk about CounterGo’s QuickBooks Integration feature and if it is a good fit for your business. As you know, using CounterGo dramatically increases how quickly you can create and send professional looking Quotes. 

When a customer decides to go forward with your Quote, turn it into an Order, and track Payment terms and transactions, to keep well organized. If you keep your finances organized in Quickbooks, you have the option to export information from CounterGo via the QuickBooks Integration feature. CounterGo Orders can be exported to QuickBooks Online or Desktop, as Invoices or Estimates, with just a few clicks.

You do need to be using Orders in CounterGo to take advantage of the QuickBooks Integration. Quotes can’t be exported to QuickBooks, only Orders. You have full control over which Orders get exported too. Setting up QuickBooks Integration does not automatically export all Orders. You decide which Orders get exported and when.

If you are currently tracking financial transactions in CounterGo, you can select to export Payments along with the Order. If you track all financial transactions in QuickBooks, you can turn off the option to export CounterGo Payments.

You can map customers to existing customers already in QuickBooks, or create new ones directly from the CounterGo Order at export. And CounterGo Account and Order addresses become Billing and Shipping addresses in QuickBooks.

If you collect another Payment in CounterGo or change an Order after it’s been exported, CounterGo will remind you that it needs your attention, and exporting the updated Order to QuickBooks only takes a couple clicks.

Updates from CounterGo to QuickBooks are “one way”. That means if changes are made to an Order in CounterGo, those can be updated in QuickBooks, but if changes are made in QuickBooks, that information is not sent back to CounterGo.

The QuickBooks Export Status can be added to Order Views to see at a glance the status of any Order in the View. A full Export Status page lists each Order exported along with the time and date.

CounterGo steps you through mapping taxes and items in your Price LIst into QuickBooks products and services. The mapping for products and services is not as detailed in QuickBooks as it is in CounterGo, most CounterGo Price List items are mapped into QuickBooks categories like material, labor and sales.

If you use custom transaction numbers in QuickBooks, those need to be disabled in order to export from CounterGo.

Not sure if using the QuickBooks Integration is right for how you do business? Send us an email or give us a call, we’re happy to talk details.

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