Step 1 - Draw Your Countertop

The first step to improving your quoting process with CounterGo is to start drawing!

Drawing an L shaped counter and island

Can you draw a simple L-shaped counter and island? Here are a few tips to get you started.

  1. When you're on Step 1, notice that your cursor becomes a pencil to indicate that you're ready to draw.
  2. If you're using a mouse, click and hold your mouse down until you draw the complete L-shape. If your using a tablet or touchscreen device, don't lift your finger or stylus until your done drawing your L-shape.
  3. Once you've drawn the basic shape, you can enter more exact measurements. Click on the measure to enter a new value. 
  4. If you need to rearrange the countertops after you've drawn them, notice how your cursor changes to a 4-sided arrow when you move it on top of a countertop. You can then click and drag the top to move it.
  5. Click here to move on to STEP 2: CURVES & BUMPOUTS
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