Add flat-fee charges to your price list with Other Items

You can add items to your Price List to charge for things that would not get captured in the drawing - things like demolition, travel or faucets. 

This article will show how to add a flat-rate Other Item. (See Related Articles for Unit-Priced Other Items).

  1. Open your Price List to edit and scroll down the section at the very bottom. Click +Other Item.Other Items
  2. Enter the Item Name of the item and the PriceItem Name and Price
  3. If you want to list more than one option with different prices, click +Multiple Items.multiple options
  4. Enter a description of each option and the corresponding price. Description of Item
  5. Save your Price price list
  6. When creating a quote, go to Step 6 and click the +Other Item button for the Area where you want to include the item.Adding other item in Quote
  7. Choose from the list of Other Items you've added to your Price List.List of Other Items
  8. If you added multiple options, choose a specific option from the drop-down list.Multiple Options
  9. The Other Item will be added to your quote.Line Item

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